15 Apr 2014

Taking Time To Make Memories :: Our Family Photo Albums

It's here!!! Our 2013 family album arrived with my in-laws last week. It seems like time is moving faster and faster and with 3 little ones, and memories can be so fleeting. I'm thankful for the gift of photography that captures the beauty around us and in a small way freezes these little ones in time. They only turn 2 once, learn to walk once, and i can believe how fast they're growing! I love looking back and smiling at the adventures God has taken us on so far.

I came across Blurb books about 5 years ago and LOVE how easy it is to use their BookSmart software. It even saves the book as you go, so being distracted by little ones that need my attention so often isn't a problem! 

I like the simplicity of the cover with the years and we've given each book a 'theme' that captures our lives. This year it was "three in three", because by God's grace we've actually had 3 sons in 3 years! A little crazy, we know... but they fill our lives with joy and our hope is that they'll grow up to be best buddies!

Here's what our Blurb books look like. I like simplicity, so i stick to just the pictures and very little text. This helps save on time too! I put them in chronological order and add the months and name events (see the last picture).

So now that i've shared our 2013 album, i guess it's time i get started on this year! Here's another post i wrote on how i make our books. And another where you can see what our 2010, 2011 + 2012 Blurb albums look like!

Check out my Making Memories Inspiration board on Pintrest to see some other fun ways i've found to "make memories" with our family!

In case you're intersted in making a blurb book here's a coupon code:
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