24 Apr 2014

Life with Toddlers :: Spring Activities

I came across this quote a few weeks ago and love it! Mostly because i whole-heartedly believe that it is true... and also because it is not what our culture says... so it's even a more precious truth to hold on to. It's been good for me to remember when my never ending 'to-do list' of even the simplest tasks (making dinner, cleaning the front hall, putting laundry away) gets sidetracked by a dirty diaper, a request for milk, getting out puzzles... That really the most important work of my day is to love my kids well, by present being with them.

So here are a few fun things we've been doing this spring to learn and have fun:
Planting Bean Seeds
Growing Egg Heads
Making Paper Animals (this is on the to do list!)

Planting Bean Seeds

I remember doing this as a kid with my mom and maybe in school. My mom was the queen of kitchen science experiments... and i want to be just like her! At an early age i developed a love for science, likely due to her fun ways of engaging us in the kitchen.

I save a glass jar, got out the potting soil and had our 3 year old help "plant the seeds" (we planted 4 i think).

The first time we did it - it was a fail. The seeds rotted. We were so excited about watering our seed every day that we over watered. So we're starting again... we'll see how it goes this time!

Then I made this printable to teach him this Bible verse. We often say, "Lucas planted the seed, Elias water it, but God will make it grow".  I love this Biblical truth, that ultimately it is God that gives life... that the seed is very much a mystery even to the farmer or biologist who completely understands botany. I also added a 'science' component at the bottom, that the seed needs sun, rain and God to make it grow. 

Growing Egg Heads

This was a fun little activity we did a few weeks ago. I saved some egg shells (and cut the egg carton), put cotton balls inside and then watercress seed (rzeżucha in Polish!) They sprout up really fast and it's fun to see the egg men grow silly hair! I glued the google eyes on and the kids drew the faces on with a permanent marker (with my help). They actually had a lot of fun doing it!

Making Paper Animals

I think these little paper animals are so cute, and just perfect for an afternoon craft with the kids. Although truth be told, mommy does most of the work (our boys are 3 and almost 2). This one is on my to-do list, i just need to locate some coloured paper and print out the templates.