13 Apr 2014

Life With Toddlers :: Easter Books & Activities

Here are some books we're enjoying this Easter season... I really love Easter, Easter Almost Here! for little ones. It's a board book and has fun shiny pages and a good rhyming rhythm to celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry on Palm Sunday.  The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story is also a GREAT book. It tells the Easter story through a Sunday school play and explains the real meaning of Easter in a candy-filled world. Benjamin's Box is for a little older kids (4+) and explains the meaning behind the symbols in "resurection eggs". I'm excited to use it with our kids as they grow.

I also started singing this song with our 3-year-old and they lyrics are simple and he sings along. Today he even got his guitar out to "rock out" to the youtube video!

Hosanna (Vineyard)

Colouring always keeps the kiddos busy... at least for 5 minutes :) I made up this .pdf booklet out of free Easter colouring pages i found around the web. It's a mix of spring and Jesus Easter pictures.  I find  the .pdf booklet it makes it easier to print them out for the kids... 

We're also planning to start a yearly family tradition of putting together a Polish Easter Basket, and teach the kids the symbolism and biblical meaning of each of the parts! Our kids are still really little, but we're hoping to give it a trial run this year to see how it turns out! 

Visiting the Krakow Easter Market is another thing on our "to-do"list as a family this year... but right now we're just trying to get the kids healthy again. So we'll see if that happens!

Curious about other cross-cultural traditions? Check out the blogs below, and if you're blogging about Easter or Passover, by all means, join us!


Lois Britton said...

We're not Catholic, but I also love the idea of doing a basket!