30 Apr 2014

Boys & Bugs

The other day we were in the yard and i ask the boys if they wanted to go find bugs. They seemed pretty excited about that endevor, so before we started off on our search, i ran inside and grabbed an old mayonaise jar. I asked them what types of things a bug would like in his home. We settled on a rock, a stick and some grass. It took us a while but we finally found a shiny beetle. They took turns looking at it and poking at it... and we eventually let it go. It was a great way to spend 10 minutes engaging our boys in loving God's creation. What other ways do you explore with your little boys?

Every time we go outside they get dirty. My new saying is, "That's why God gave us a washing machine!" I really just love how boys are into bugs, and dirt, and sticks... it's a whole new adventure for me. I'm glad my husband is the 'outdoorsy' type and wants to teach our kids about camping and the great outdoors! I can't wait to see watch them explore creation and be on adventure! (even if it means doing more laundry :)

I actually got the idea from this book ~ Pets in a Jar (Seymour Simon), that i read about on a blog. I'm planning to get my oldest nephew for his next birthday... (so no grandma, you can't buy it for him :)


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