3 Mar 2014

Books for Little People :: Cherry Street Picture Books (Susanne Berner)

I saw this series at a friends birthday party and absolutely LOVE the illustrations in them. Since we live in Poland, I also love the fact that the book has a European context and Polish words (it's translated from German). 

There are 4 books for each season of the year that follow the lives of people on Cherry Street.


Here's the one that we have, "Winter on Cherry Street".  Take a closer look...

It is a large format board book, so great for little hands!

 love how people are taking the bus and all the detail in the house

the detail of the construction project is really fun...

the signs says, "here the city is building a new preschool" 

 and a christmas market!

 love all the polish store names!

 and on the back you'll find all of the characters who are living out their stories in the book (notice the man in the blue sweatsuit on the right)

here he's jogging (or running to catch the bus!) 

For my English speaking friends, unfortunately they haven't been translated into English as far as i can tell. But there are very few words (it is a picture book after all). They are also available in German from bookdepository.com who ships worldwide for free!


Asia said...

Hi Krista!
I know that each year you create a photo book of your family. Could you share with us how you organize such books and what's your favourite layout? Best regards!

Krista said...

Hi Asia ~ the littles have kept me pretty busy and exhausted the past few weeks, so i've been away from the blog for a bit... 'll work on that this week!

Asia said...

Perfect! Thank you :)
Whenever I'm overwhelmed with my two, I think of you;)