20 Feb 2014

Selfies :: A New Perspective

SELFIE - Full Dove Film by Cynthia Wade (7 Minutes) from Cynthia Wade on Vimeo.

I loved this video... what a powerful excercise this would be to do with youth group girls or students. As women we all have something we don't like about ourselves, don't we? But so often the devil convinces us that we are alone in that... way too often we compare our weaknesses with other women's strengths. I have also come to believe that satan has distorted the mirrors of the feminine mind.

In university i constantly thought my thighs were too big. I wasn't happy with their shape and playing division I volleyball didn't help in the comparison arena (we lived in spandex!) Now 10 years later looking back i hardly recognize that skinny girl wearing my number in the pictures. Somehow i had deceived myself.

In middle school i remember not liking my nose. God used my art teacher to speak words of life to this insecure teenager... it went something like this, "i like your nose. it's unique. we're all unique and it makes you - you." The bible talks about how the tongue holds the power of life and death. I like how the Message puts it...

Words kill, words give life;

    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

{proverbs 18:21}

By God's grace, I no longer dislike my nose... or my thighs ~ but it is tempting in this new phase of motherhood to dislike other parts of my postpartum body (more on that to come). So this video was a breath of fresh air. As a photographer i can very easily hide behind the camera... for a myriad of reasons, but the insecurity that lives in all of us can definitely be part of it. For a long time i've disliked the idea of "selfies", writing them off as 'self promotion' or arrogant. But in a strange way the Lord has used this video to expose the real reason ~ insecurity. I want my kids to have pictures with mommy too... so here's to a new year and a new passion to capture the very things i secretly may not like about myself (including the days when i don't get out of the yoga pants!) What about you?

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