7 Feb 2014

Books for Little People :: The Bear Series (Karma Wilson)

We really enjoy the BEAR books by Karma Wilson. They have amazing illustrations and a great rhythm. I found out a while ago that the author is a Christian and even though the books aren't bible related they are simply great children's books from a great author. Take a look at some of our favourites...

:: Bear Says Thanks ::
...great for Thanksgiving and learning how to be a gracious receiver as well as one who shares

:: Bear Wants More ::
... fun for anytime. love the sign langauage for "more" on the cover!

:: Bear Snores On ::
...  the original book in the series (2002) and another one that is fun all year round. we just adore the illustrations and bear's woodland friends! 

We also have Bear Stays Up for Christmas (but it's packed away). There are currently 8 books in the bear series. I think we may need to get the next four!

I also found these really GREAT Bear Book activities on Karma Wilson's website for teachers (and moms!)

We have several different formats of the books, including both board books and soft covered books and like them all. The board books hold up better for toddlers, the larger soft covered books have larger pictures.