2 Jan 2014

Top 15 of 2013 {photographs}

It's so hard for me to choose my favourite photos of 2013... there were so many little moments that made life beautiful - from finding out we were expecting #3, to exploring our new hometown of Wrocław, to visiting family in Florida, to seeing the zoo through the eyes of our little boys! For me the photos and the moments fade into one... I love that the Lord has created such a beautiful world, and for the gift of living in Poland and seeing it often through the eyes of a child. 

Here are my favourite photos of 2013 and why i love them. Enjoy!

1. Easter Market {Krakow} - simply love the colours in this beautiful spring wreath

2. Little Knight {Krakow} - love how this photo reflects Ben's heart for our boys - to train them up as knights with: 
- a purpose to live for
- a code of conduct
- a woman to love

3. Just Dance {Krakow} - this photo really represents my oldest sons carefree spirit and love of life. i just love how he is caught up in the moment!

4. Balloon Boy {Poznan} - this picture just makes me as happy as a kid with a balloon!

5. City Hall Paint Sale {Wrocław} - this paint sale was set up on the side of the actual city hall in wrocław and i was able to capture the perfect moment of Lucas checking out the photo of the city hall (not realizing he was standing in front of the actual thing!)

6. Harry Potter Style City Hall {Wrocław} - i think it looks like hogwarts... and love the gothic detail in the building of our new home town!

7. Cathedral Island {Wrocław} - love the pinks and greens and brick in this cathedral (st. john the baptist)

8. Surf Lessons {Florida} - this was the first time Ben taught our son (@2 1/2) to surf on playalinda beach!

9. Deer Encounter {Wrocław Zoo} - this picture just captivates me. it was actually shot through the fence at the zoo but the deer is staring straight at me (and you if you're looking at this picture!)

10. Snowy Owl {Wrocław Zoo} - he is simply gorgeous. thankful for the opportunity to see God's handiwork and the majesty of this bird close up!

11. Close Encounter {Wrocław Zoo} - he was so excited to see the seals close up!

12. Eyelashes {Wrocław} - the first and only snowfall this year. i simply love his eyelashes!

13. Graffiti Man {Berlin} - love the artsy feel of east berlin and the chance to get away to an AMAZING concert (imagine dragons) there this year with my man! 

14. Barn Door {Bielice} - i so love the colours in this photo!

15. Little Turtle {Wrocław} - such a precious gift - our 3rd son, Alex!

Honourable mention... (aka. my very favourite picture from this year) - mostly i'm really excited it turned out! we shot it using a tripod on a 'life is crazy with toddlers' type of day!