2 Jan 2014

Baby Alex {Newborns}

I've been away from the blog for a while, and this is why... isn't he precious?! We are so thankful to God for the safe arrival of our 3rd son, Alex {13.12.2013}. These are some of my favourite of his newborn photos!

{my amazing mom made all of the hats and props!}


Asia said...

Hi Krista! Baby Alex is przepiękny! How is it with three little ones under 3? For a month, I've been dealing with two under 2 and it's busy:) all the bedt for your family in the new year!

Krista said...

Thanks Asia! I was thankful to have my parent here for a few weeks over Christmas... they just left and my husband is away for the weekend! So it's a little more crazy (and sleep deprived) but in general okay! Life is sure busy with 3 boys under 3! Congrats on your #2!!!