1 Dec 2013

Thankful :: My List This Year

When i was in university i started a tradition of 'writing a list' of things i was thankful for on my 4+hr drive home (yes, i know i probably shouldn't admit that ~ not the safest!) But none the less it gave me a concentrated time of thanksgiving & worship.

Life is a little more 'distracted' these days but i still love the idea of making a 'thankful list'... here are some of the things i'm thankful for this year...

- 2 little boys that keep me busy
- a visit from my brother and soon to be sister in law
- that our 16 month old can already say 'thank you' using sign language
- for chocolate pumpkin cheesecake bars!
- for a friend who ordered us a 15lb turkey here in Wrocław!
- being able to speak and communicate in Polish
- for heated floors
- that our rental home has a great fireplace
- lots of wood for fires in the cold winter
- my mom coming for the month of December (she arrives in 2 days!)
- my dad coming for Christmas too!
- yummy food
- a husband who loves me, and reminds me of how Christ loves the church
- an amazing daddy who loves his boys
- for our 3rd son... arriving any day!
- for the gift of children
- a great OBGYN here in Poland
- an amazing church
- the privilege of serving Jesus in this place
- kids bibles and cuddles
- that amazon.co.uk ships to Poland!
- for Christmas shopping, almost done
- these last few days of cuddling our baby/youngest, before he become a forever middle child!
- a new (to us) dryer for clothes!
- Polish pottery {yup, it makes me smile}
- that dr. pepper has come to Poland!
- our van to get around in
- a double stroller
- new friends here in Wrocław
- old friends throughout Poland (& the world)
- reconnecting with a long lost friend in Belarus
- the freedom we have in Christ
- an eternal hope regardless of daily circumstances
- temporary pain that pales in comparison with eternity
- God's sovereignty in all things
- my sweet nephews & niece in Canada
- a sister who is more than a sister, but a soul friend
- a family who loves Jesus
{... and the list goes on...}


~Love Lis said...

I LOVE your list! It's always a great idea to write a list of thankfuls. I did the same this year and it felt so good! Also, congrats on having another little! xo

Pieni Lintu said...

Great list. <3

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! I'd like to start doing the same thing!

Aga Tinca said...

Love the vivid colors in your pictures :)