20 Nov 2013

This Christmas :: Give Personal

So the other day i was thinking about what to get our loved ones for Christmas.  First I thought about what to get the littles. The truth is that they don't need much and the things they need - we get them. Our boys are 2 1/2, 16months and t-15days and counting... so basically play-doh, food and time with mommy & daddy make them happy.

I always love giving personal gifts... they take more time but i think people like receiving something that reflects peoples likes and personality, and somehow last longer and are more meaningful. Here are some of the ideas i'm working on for #1 & #2...

Our 2 1/2 year old loves to hide and is starting more 'imaginative play' like dressup. So i think a combo of a super hero cape, mask and fort kit would be a hit with him! Here are some of the tutorials (via Pintrest)!


Our 16month old likes to 'help clean around the house' and we inherited some used kids tools, so i thought a tool belt would be fun. Maybe i'll make one for both of them - also with their initial or name...
For the grown-ups on my list, I also love the idea of personal photo albums and saw recently that Blurb has a really neat assortment of designer templates that can be used to make 7x7in books! The best part is that they start at just $12.99! They have software that can generate the book automatically or you can make your own. I think i like the Geneva design best...

I also love the idea of making a photo album out of instagram photos. I realized this year that they were getting left out of our family albums and added a page for each month with instagram pictures. So far i really like the addition! (found the inspiration on simpleasthatblog.com

If you want to make an album why not start now?! If you have a few free hours you can even save 25% at Blurb when you spend $50 or more on print books! (use code: SAVING) Valid Until 11/22/13

Who knows if any of these projects will materialize... It kind of depends on when #3 decides to join our family and how much energy mama has until then! Are you planning to make any personalized gifts this Christmas? What are some ideas that are floating around in your head or that you're working on?