30 Nov 2013

This Christmas :: 3 Free Printables

I have a fun, simple way of seasonally decorating our house. I bought a fun black frame at ikea (8x10) and then often search Pinterest for free seasonal printables! It's practically free and i love how we can change it with the seasons! I have found so many fun ones... these are my recent favourites:

1. Glory to the Newborn King (via myfabulesslife.com)
2. Joy to the World (via angelahardison.blogspot.com)
3. Luke 2:8-14 (via apairofpears.com) ~ the only thing i would add is that this printable is called "Charlie Brown Christmas", but it is an exact quote from Luke 2:8-14... i wish the author's had in some way credited the original source!

And isn't this an adorable printable calendar for the new year?! (via elli.com)

(via elli.com)