14 Nov 2013

Making it with Multiples

Nope, we don't have twins or triplets... but we soon will have 3 little boys under 3! Which can make for some interesting challenges logistically around the house - and getting out. Here are some things that have worked really great for us:

1. Buy the SAME.

When #2 came 18 month after #1 we bought a second pack n play and a second portable high chair. The difference between the 2 is that the pack n play is a different make and sets up differently and the portable high chair is EXACTLY the same. Although i appreciate some of the aspects of the 2nd pack n play, to be honest it's just more mental and physical work... at times i've wanted to dropkick the thing for not opening right, or closing! So if at ALL possible invest in more of the same - it helps not having to figure out how to work 2 systems at once!

Items this would be good for:
- pack n play
- portable high chair
- bibs
- meal gear (plates, bowls, utensils)
- car seats

We have 2 of the following:


2. Invest in a Double Stroller!

One of the best purchases we made with the addition of #2, and now that #3 will be 16 months younger - it will be getting a lot of use for a long while! If you only use it for a season, you can always sell it on craig's list or kijiji (Canada) or gumtree (PL).

We have one similar to this - Baby Jogger Double Stroller Mini (only ours isn't mini... but they don't make the elite one anymore). We were also considering the Bob Double Stroller but there was a great deal on the Baby Jogger Double at the time!

3. Buy QUALITY Used

Let's face it - kids don't really use things the way adults do... because before there is sometimes a sign of wear, they have grown out of clothes & toys. I've found investing in clothes made by GAP, Gymboree, or other quality brands have held up way better than others. Also for toys, we've bought almost exclusively used toys when we can - companies like Little Tikes, Fisher Price and BAJO (a wooden toy store based in Krakow, Poland) have yet to disappoint us!

So there you have it! Our thoughts on having kids close in age... we actually get asked all the time if they are twins, simply because we have a double stroller!