28 Nov 2013

Big Picture Bible :: In Polish!

There are 3 kids bibles that we absolutely love. Not just because they have great illustrations but because they actually teach the real reason Jesus came to earth. The avoid the "moral teaching" of just being a "good boy" or "good girl" and point to the one who came to save us from our inability to be good

We've really been enjoying the BIG PICTURE Story Bible lately, because our oldest (almost 3) actually can sit and listen to a little more text. He really seems interested and some nights asks for 2 stories!

I was thrilled when we received this as a gift for our youngest IN POLISH!!! I'm pretty much on a mission to buy stock to gift to friends with little kids and families we meet along life's way...

I'm sure most of you don't read Polish, but here is a link to a .pdf with a sample of the Polish text version that I'm so excited about. And just in case you're interested in ordering for yourself here is a link to the Polish publisher - Woda Niebieska

Also check out these other favourites:

What kids Bible do your kids like the best at the moment?