4 Oct 2013

Top 3 Thanksgiving Books for Little Ones :: Gratitude, Thanksgivin & Fun

So I thought it would be fun to have some Thanksgiving books in the house, since we live in a part of Europe where Thanksgiving isn't really celebrated. The pilgrims came from here right?! So we want to teach our kids (0-3) not only about Canadian & American culture and heritage, but also about what it means to have a thankful heart to God for all He has given us and what He has done for us in Jesus.

Here are 3 books that we are reading these days:

1. A Plump And Perky Turkey :: I absolutely LOVE this book - and my son does too! It has a really fun, creative story with some townspeople trying to figure out how to get a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner. I came across some good mommy reviews on this book last year online.  It was out of print, so i ordered used from amazon. It has really fun illustrations and a great rhyming rhythm. It's back in stock and we have the paperback version which is great.

2. Bear Says Thanks :: This is a fun book, about giving and also receiving. We have "Bear Wants More" and i really love the illustrations of all the Bear books. In my opinion the overall message of this story is that we can give thanks for things but even more so for people, who they are and their friendship in our lives. After doing a little more research i found that the author, Karma Wilson, seems to be a believer in Christ ~ she also wrote "Mortimer's Christmas Manger" one of our favourite Christmas stories and I Will Rejoice: Celebrating Psalm 118 which i'm also planning to order soon!

3. The Littlest Pilgrim :: I picked up this book used before we moved and like the story. The "littlest pilgrim" is a little girl who wants to help, but everyone is too busy or she's too little to help with the chores. She wants to help stack wood and mend dresses and bake bread... all of these activities can lead to great questions/discussions about early Americans. Doesn't look like it's in print anymore but you could pick it up used on amazon for just $0.01 + $3.99 (for shipping) = $4!

What Thanksgiving books do you like to read with your little ones in the fall? Any good recommendations?

{edit: we are also enjoying - Franklin's Thanksgiving, where grandma and grandpa can't come and the whole family invites other guests to celebrate! it's perfect for our family.}