30 Oct 2013

Blurb Family Photo Books

So many people have asked me about our family photo albums - i can't believe i haven't posted about them before! A few years back i decided that my scrapbooking days were over. A combination of the "digital age" + living overseas + my love of photography + adding little ones to our family = something that would be quicker, lighter, cheaper & reproducible (in the case of loss or destruction). And i found a GREAT solution through a friends blog - BLURB Photo Albums!

So I both ended scrapbooking and began making yearly photo albums for our family with our wedding - almost 4 years ago. I absolutely LOVE our books (and apparently so does my husband who likes to show them ALL to every house guest we have!) They all have matching covers and approximately 180pages.

We stick with the standard paper and dust jacket cover and they are super reasonable for the number of pages.

This is how i got started:

  1. i downloaded BOOKSMART off their website - it's free!
  2. i opened up the program and started importing pictures by month/event
  3. i chose the layouts that worked best for my photos
  4. i completed the yearbook
  5. i exported (as a backup)
  6. i uploaded (straight from the booksmart program)
  7. i got my book in the mail!!!

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