26 Sep 2013

Where have we been the past 2 months?!?

Since moving to Wrocław in early July life has kept us quite busy! As i look back at our calendar we have either been in a different place or busy hosting guests and discovering our new home... Here's a glimpse of the past 2 moths in pictures.

discovering Wrocław with Uncle Marshall :: Japanese Gardens, Wrocław

his father's son :: cathedral island, wrocław

the kravtsovas :: downtown, wrocław

can you tell they do sports ministry?!

baltic seaside :: church family camp

our new church family

gatorpark with grandma & grandpa :: christmas, FL

first surfing lesson :: playalinda beach, FL

surfer dude :: playalinda beach, FL

the tide goes out :: playalinda beach, FL

great grandma + grandpa :: FL

family reunion :: FL

love this man!


Judy Porter said...

I love your photos, Krista. Thank you for sharing Poland with me in this format!