22 Jun 2013

5 in 5 :: Amazing Locations in Krakow (for photography)

So i'm taking this online photo class and loving it! This week we were given an assignment to find 5 new photoshoot locations within 5 kilometers of where we live. Since i've been shooting a lot lately, i've developed some of my favourites in Krakow... and a little hesitant to reveal them to the world (for fear that they be overexposed or trampled on...) but since we're moving in a week ~ why not share?!

In Krakow, as well as any other European city that is a tourist destination important things to keep in mind are 1) look for fun buildings that whispers tales from another time (history!) 2) seek out shaded side streets 3) avoid tourist like crazy!!! This can be difficult to do in the peak of summer, but spring and fall, as well as first thing in the morning or later in the evening tend to be less busy. (All of the locations can be found on the google map at the bottom of the post!)

1. Barbacan -  a Gothic-style barbican, built around 1498, is one of only three such fortified outposts still surviving in Europe, and the best preserved! It is a moated cylindrical brick structure with an inner courtyard 24.4 meters in diameter, and seven turrets... this door which i can often find in shade is at the end of a bridge, over the moat!

2. Old City Wall - Medieval Kraków was surrounded by a 1.9 mile (3 km) defensive wall complete with 46 towers and seven main entrances leading through them. The fortifications around the Old Town were erected over the course of two centuries... the northern part of the walls were saved and i love to use them as backgrounds!

3. Behind Mariacki Church - St. Mary's Church is a Brick Gothic church re-built in the 14th century (originally built in the early 13th century), next to the main market square. There is a quaint little courtyard behind the chruch where i found an artist about a year ago painting a stunning picture! I've returned there many times since and simply LOVE these doors and the serenity of this area despite the buzzing of tourists just around the corner! it is a little off the beaten path and just quiet enough to shoot some good portraits. 

4. ul. poselska - a side street a little off the beaten path. It has really fun architecture, shape and colour. i especially love this little kiosk in the wall, but still haven't been able to do portraits here! the other area is a courtyard connected to a church that i found just yesterday - the courtyard is super quiet and they didn't throw me out ~ even with 2 kids!!

5. ul. kanonicza/ul. senacka - these 2 streets are kind of connected. I simply LOVE to shoot here - the doors, gates, stairs, doorknobs... it's also relatively quiet, especially in the morning.

:: honourable mentions :: 
~ these are actually some of my very favourite places, but unfortunately they are also the most popular with tourists!they can be swarming with tourists ~ look to shoot here during off season!

1. the cloth hall in the main square: 
The Renaissance Sukiennice/Cloth Hall is one of the city's most recognizable icons. It is the central feature of the Main Market Square. Once a major centre of international trade, traveling merchants met there to discuss business and to barter. I love the side portal (on the opposite side from the church) and some of the doors!

2. collegium maiusis Jagiellonian University's oldest building, dating back to the 14th century. absolutely love it if i can find it empty (or near empty!)

3. the courtyard of wawel castle The 16th century Renaissance inner courtyard is wonderful! i love the pillars, perspective, windows and doors!

:: Google Map of Amazing Locations in Krakow ::

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Laura said...

Wow!! All those doorways and pillars and interesting buildings!! I'm jealous. My town is sooo boring. I'm on the hunt though! I'm determined to find something interesting that I haven't yet noticed!

Debra said...

My goodness! Such beautiful places for photos! You are indeed lucky to have access to all of this!

Diana said...

Stunning shoot locations! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Find your Photo Style. www.thestudio56.com

Michele said...

Those are all so beautiful. I love the little boy in the big pictures. Visiting you from Find your Photo Style.

Asia said...

Great pictures and wonderful locations! Congratulations on Baby no.3! I am pregnant, too and I trying to figure how to deal with everything with two kids... But you're doing fine and waiting for the next one - I am relieved :)