14 Apr 2013

Growing Boys

I love these little guys so much! What a privilege it is spending my days, energy and creativity on them.  Our house isn't clean, and the laundry is not folded and put away but our days are full of learning, playing, eating, bathing, diaper changing and colouring.

I know they won't stay little for long, so i'm trying to love the little years and embrace the mission of motherhood. Some days are better than others. Here are some of the things I'm enjoying about them this month...

At 8 months Baby Boy:

  • has discoved mobility (moving in circles)
  • loves to eat!
  • is a happy boy most of the time
  • loves his big brother
  • makes the cutest coo-ing noises
  • has an amazing (shy) smile
  • has a really sweet spirit
  • has more and more curly red hair!
  • loves kisses 
  • has great giggles

At 2 years our Little Man:

  • has an ever increasing vocabulary! (today he said shovel, clock...)
  • loves Mater {mey-her}
  • says "dowidzenia" in Polish in the cutest way 
  • runs instead of walks
  • loves all things music!
  • sings his bedtime songs with us (without being able to say the words - so cute.)
  • loves bathtime 
  • says "i love you"
  • is learning to share
  • loves his baby brother
  • is a good helper (helps mommy carry groceries to the kitchen!)
  • loves to sword fight