3 Feb 2013

Family Life :: Our Top 10 - Babies 12-24mths

We absolutely LOVE being parents... what a blessing it is to learn how to love our little boys as they grow and change.  It's kind of insane all of the 'baby stuff' that is available on the market and there are some things we've bought that i wish we hadn't... there are other things that i don't know how we'd live without! I love sharing what we've learned...  remember when i posted our Top 10 Baby Item: 0-6 Months?

Well i've decided that it's time again! Our oldest little guy is now 2 and man is he busy! Here are some of the toys that have captured his attention and tools we've used as he grows:

1. LeapFrog Cook and Play Potsy
- We got this for our little guy (yes boys can play with kitchen toys!) for his 1st birthday. It sings and talks about the veggies and is educational in nature. But we also love that it can be used for imaginative play as well. Especially living here in Poland where soup is a part of everyday life. He has played with it a lot and we think he will for a long while yet! {update: these are not available anymore, you could look on ebay or there is a new  fun oven that gets great ratings on amazon!}

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise
- My son discovered this in the church nursery and just loved it! It's a shape sorter with a purpose :) It's also a cookie jar. He loves reaching in and pulling them out and putting them back in (he's not so good at the shape part yet!) It talks about the shapes and numbers and also has some catchy songs. We travelled quite a bit during this phase and it was our favourite car toy.  It kept him entertained for hours! This one is definitely a keeper.

3. LeapFrog My Discovery House
- My mom got this for our son and he loves it! It is full of buttons and switches and things to push, open and pull. I think it says 70+ things and is also education in nature. Gotta love LeapFrog! He carries it around with him by the handle and it has a loud... and then not so loud switch for the parents! By the way this is a GREAT resource my mom pointed me to for picking out quality kids toys - Canadian Toy Report

4. Little Tikes Push and Ride Doll Walker
- he loves this. rides it all. over. the. house. it's much simpler than some that play music and sing songs... but it's solid. just what our boy needs! I'm pretty sure it will easily last through multiple kids...

5. Step2 Sand and Water Transportation Station
- my parents have this and while we lived with them for 4 months this summer our little guy played with the water table for hours and hours! we're considering getting one next year for our balcony here in Poland :)

6. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat
- not sure what we'd do without this! we take it to friends houses, restaurants (no guarantee of a kid seat here people!), sporting events. he feels secure. sits. eats. it's great, especially for families on the go!

7. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
 - this one is a classic! son found this at a friends house and wouldn't stop riding it even for lunch. i remember my nephew was a big fan of the coupe car too... if we only had a yard...

8. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm
- my son's favourite toy at grandma's house! he loved to stack things in the silo and  even put cars inside the barn. i considered buying one to bring back but it was a little too big :(

9.Fisher-Price Super Spiral Speedway
- another favourite at grandma's house... he got it's 'cousin' the fisher price car garage for christmas from grandma & grandpa and loves it too! He spends hours playing with cars on both of them.

10. Disney Cars 2 Lightning McQueen
- boys love their cars! i remember being amazed when around 12months our son started making car noises... without anybody even teaching him. it must be genetic. we now have lot of cars floating around the house from die-cast, to wooden, to foam jelly... i could do a whole separate post just on different types of cars! essential for any boy!

Things we didn't use:
- stuffed animals (he's just not very interested in things that don't go)
- blocks (he much more of a destroyed than a builder at this age... maybe that will change in the coming year!)
- legos... again not super interested in building

So those are our top 10 for 12-18month old baby boys! 
What toys have you found most useful for this age range?

Stay tuned for toys for twos (aka. two-year-olds) in the next few months...