8 Jan 2013

Życie w PRL'u | Life Under Communism

I've always been curious about what it really would have looked like to live in Poland during the days of communism. I've heard stories of food cards, and phones in post offices, and waiting in line... but those days have shaped and molded this country that i have come to love. Today Poland is a different country than it was 20 years ago... but friends my age still remember.

One fun way that we've 'experienced' life during communism is through a board game called "Kolejka" (aka. standing in line) that was actually produced by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej). Props to the Polish Government for creating a fun and hands on way for  the next generation to remember.  The board game is great! Each person has a family and has to place their members in various lines... for food, clothes, electronic appliances... and then 'each day' there is a delivery. After the delivery is made people push in line, mothers with babies get to move to the front of the line, you can take home 'under the counter goods'! Not many items are delivered daily to the stores... so you wait and wait and try to get to the front. The goal of the game is to collect all of the items on your shopping list.

Lucas recently received a calendar with a cartoon character named "Reksio". Here's a clip of this cartoon from the days of communism... I'm looking forward to watching some more with our boys!

There's even some new online store selling goods from the days of communism:
1. Spod Lady (Under the Table Goods)

Isn't that bag great?! We totally want one... unfortunately there sold out for now... must wait in line!

2. Pan Tu Nie Stał (Um... you weren't standing here sir!)

These stores make a lot more sense if you speak Polish.
We're pumped to get a few items we find fun and humourous  like this "zle" hat.
(this is what the lady at the tax office said to me when i handed in my form last year...
it literally means "bad"! thanks lady.)