2 Jan 2013

Vienna Christmas Market | Austria

Schonbrunn Christmas Market

This was the first market we visited in Vienna, some said it was the prettiest... it definitely had a gorgeous setting with the backdrop of the Schonbrunn Palace and was convenient as we decided to see the inside of the palace on that day anyways. I love the hand painted ornaments and we bought a really fun wooden nativity ornament at this market.

City Hall (Rathaus) Christmas Market


If I were to chose one word to describe the main "Rathaus" Christmas Market in Vienna - magical!

We loved walking around the stalls, especially as night fell with all of the lights in the Christmas Market and the surrounding park. It is bustling and busy, full of life and laughter. Inside the city hall there is a 'kids workshop' where children can make everything from christmas cookies to handmade gifts to give at Christmas (for only a few Euro!)

Definitely our favourite and most centrally located market in the city and probably 'the original'. We loved the "Apfel Punsch Standl" and even gave the roasted chestnuts and potatoes a try!

Marie Theresa Platz Christmas Market

A great setting in between the "twin museums" in the Museum Quarter we had fun wandering around the booths here after visiting the Art History Museum. You will find many of the same items or vendors at all the markets but each one has a bit of a different feel and a different gorgeous setting in beautiful Vienna!

Belvedere Christmas Market

Belvedere was our favourite "night time chill out" market of them all. It has a really relaxed, laid back atmosphere and isn't as busy as the others. We felt the freedom to slow down, enjoy the cider, and walk around the beautiful grounds of the castle. It's a little further out of the city but definitely worth the trip. The inside of the castle is gorgeous too (we saw it last time we were in Vienna).

So there you have it ~ 4 out of the 6 (or so) Christmas Markets in Vienna, Austria. Definitely worth a visit if you live in Europe and may be jus the start of a yearly Christmas tradition in our family (visiting Christmas Markets in different European cities). So thankful that our little family of 4 was able to take this trip and make memories!