6 Jan 2013

Bratislava Christmas Market :: Slovakia

So, on our way home from the Vienna Christmas Market we decided to stop by Bratislava enroute back home to Krakow. The little ones weren't super cooperative, but we were able to walk around the downtown core and catch the cute ice rink set up infront of the opera house as well as the Christmas market in the main square. I loved how it was distinctly 'Slovakian' and different from what we saw in Vienna. Wish we had a little more time there... but here are some of my favourite snapshots!

And it's SNOWING tonight! I can't wait to take pictures of the boys in the snow in their new sleigh!!!

Ahh... the simple things in life!


Laurie said...

What lovely photos of the simple life!! What an amazing sled! We do not get all that much snow, so sledding is a once in a while activity for us.