14 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas :: Gospel-Centered Home Decor

I had the privilege of living with a family when i was single that was really intentional about how they decorated their home at Christmas. I noticed that it was full of things that pointed to Christ, such as angels, nativity scenes... and also seasonal decor such as Christmas trees, wreaths, snowmen & sleighs but was silently absent of santa clause.

Since that time i have gotten married and have a family of my own.  From the start, I have tried to be intentional about the things we buy to decorate our home and hope that it will point the hearts of our children and our visitors during the Christmas season to Christ. Here are some idea which we either have in our home or things i think are fun (and just a pinterest project away!)

1. Willow Tree Nativity Set
I love nativity scenes... this one is really beautiful! We have another one made out of straw from Slovakia which is small but really cute.

2. Wooden Ornaments from Kathe Wohlfahrt :: Germany
- i got the one in the picture above when i visited Rothenburg one year. Love it!


- i love this idea!

5. Nativity Story Metal Cookie Cutters
- i think these would be really fun to make with the kids in the future!

6. Love Came Down Advent Calendar
- what a great idea, the heart moves closer and closer to Christmas each day!

What are some of your favourite home decorations which point to Christ during the Christmas season?

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