1 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas :: Gospel-Centered Christmas Music for Kids

Contrary to what you may think, i'm not anti Santa Claus, but let's face it ~ the dude has pretty much highjacked Christmas, along with his red-nosed reindeer and happy elves.  We're not planning to teach our children that these things are bad, rather, they're a part of our culture. But we are planning to  focus on the real reason we pause once a year to gather with family, give gifts and celebrate.

Because God gave us the greatest gift we could ever ask for in His son, Jesus.
"The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world." [John 1.9] 

These were the lyrics from the Bubble Guppies episode, "Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!" that set me out on this search of resources for our family that would focus our hearts and minds on Christ ~

I can't wait until tonight,
Decorations shining bright
Everybody sing as one!
Join hands, sing songs, give gifts, come along
dress the tree, light the lights, come with me
Because tonight is a holiday, happy holidays...
{lyrics from "Tonight is a Holiday..."}

But it's not really a happy holiday, unless there is something significant to celebrate. 
Something eternal. The greatest gift the world has ever been given!

I wasn't sure what i'd find in regards to gospel-centered christmas music for kids but i'm pretty excited about these 5 CD's. 

1. Gospel Christmas Songs :: fun & upbeat music with lots of energy! it's only $3.99 on christianbooks.com and it's produced by Cedarmont Kids!

2. Ultimate Christmas For Kids ::  joyful and upbeat mixed with peaceful and reflective music... i really like this one! $5.99 on amazon.

3. Adore A Little :: only $2.99 for the whole album! full of classics, beautifully done.

4. Christmas Story 4 Kids :: sounds like a musical performance! upbeat, fun, truth-filled. it's $6.99 on christianbooks.com With this album i found myself wanting to hear more than the preview offered! i think this is #1 on my list...

5. Songs Kids Really Love To Sing: 17 Christmas Songs :: at only $1.99 for the whole album who can pass it up? also full of classic song done in a simple, beautiful way.

What i like about all of these music CD's is that they tell the Christmas story and celebrate the "Birthday of a King"(Christmas Story 4 Kids) They remind us of the "Little Town of Bethlehem", that "Mary Had a Baby" (Gospel Christmas Songs), and why "Joy to the World" came on that "Silent Night".

What Christmas music does your family enjoy to celebrate the season?