30 Nov 2012

Wild Turkey Hunt

So seriously, some things are just more difficult to do in a different culture. Like buy a Christmas tree for example... last year we called multiple stores who told us they wouldn't have Christmas trees until 2 weeks before Christmas.  Eventually we found one and brought it home on the bus ~ what a memory that was! I have no clue how i scored this Christmas tree  for $5 - five years ago in Katowice!

The other ridiculously hard thing is finding a turkey in November in a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (or lets just face it doesn't like turkey's very much)! We visited or called more than 5 stores, including  the one we ordered from last year... and the best we got was an old lady at the market that said she'd check with her village neighbour to see... That's when an American classmate of Ben's offered to lend him a Makro club card (think COSTCO for Canadians, SAMS club for Americans) ~ where they supposedly had turkeys! We went to check it out and indeed they did! We were so excited... but needed to wait a few days, since we didn't want to keep a turkey in our small European refrigerator for an entire week.

So Ben went back the day before, and although they were out of the 'large turkeys'. He said they had small ones... so he went ahead and bought 2. As our oven isn't that large we decided that we would cook them between 6-10 and 10-2pm! So Ben awoke nice and early to put the first one in the oven... then comes back and tells me we have a problem... we don't have 2 turkeys... we have 2 bags of turkey wings!! They were vacuum packed and we failed to see the difference at first glance between the bag of "skrzydła z indyka" (turkey wings) and "cały indyk" (a whole turkey)... so the turkey flew the coop and we ended up with a bag of turkey wings! So 2012 will forever now be the year of the turkey wing.

Here's for hoping that our 2012 Christmas tree hunt is a little easier!


Anonymous said...

Well. that was one turkey story. I would have liked to see your face when you realized there were only wings. I guess you learned to like then before they were all gone. We learn important lessons in so many different ways . So good to hear from you. Got the picture album from Shutterfly yesterday. Sat. Dec. 1. The boys are soooo cute and are really gowing. Maybe we will see them the next time you are here. Memaw