21 Nov 2012

Phil Vischer :: VeggieTales and Beyond

Wow. I'm inspired. What a beautiful testimony in the midst of hardship, bankrupcy, the downfall of his dreams and the company he created "VeggieTales". Though i knew the show had changed and had heard that the company had been sold, I had no idea of the details of his story!

I love this man's desire to serve God, but more than that his humility and desire to walk deeply with God... It reminds me of this quote i came across yesterday on social media...

Do you know people like that? Isn't there something about them that is simply beautiful? Here's Phil talking about the downfall of his company and how it brought him closer to God.

In case you were wondering, here are the video's produced by VeggieTales before the company was sold. I find that they have a more bible-centered message than the later ones. 

My favourites are stil Dave and the Giant Pickle and Josh and the Big Wall!!! 
What about you?!! Are you a VeggieTales fan? What are your favourite episodes?

So I was thrilled to find out the other day that Phil Vischer has started a new program for kids 
- What's in the BIble? I wrote in this blog about the Christmas episode we are planning to get this year but we will likely look into investing in the entire series! It is fun & educational (just what this education major/seminary grad mom likes!) And great for the whole family, but especially for K-grade 5 (why not start early?!?)

By Fall 2012 they've covered the entire Old Testament and will start the New Testament in 2013, yippee! They even consult Bible scholars in their making of it. Can you tell that i'm excited about teaching my kids the Bible and using this as a tool?