16 Nov 2012

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas :: Teaching Kids about the True Meaning of Christmas

Last year while i was searching for the perfect greeting card for our family Christmas picture i was reminded again of how it seems like our culture has issued a 'call for tolerance' when it comes to this time of year... which is supposed to be a celebration of Christ's birth. And not only his birth, but how God as man came to earth, lived among us, and died for us, to save us from our sins. Christmas is essential to the gospel ~ central to what we believe as Christians.

Yesterday i was watching my sons favourite tv show with him ~ Bubble Guppies. It is an amazing show for pre-school age kids. It's educational, musical, funny, creative... I can't say enough good things about the creators of it and the production of such a high quality education show which my son loves. That being said yesterday we watched, "Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish" As i was watching the show i realized it too celebrates "the holidays", talks about "traditions" and "presents"... and it honestly just felt empty. What are we celebrating? Why do we have these traditions? Why do we give?... 

I deeply desire to teach my children about the real meaning of Christmas. That being said I started thinking about the things my kids see and hear around this time of year... and yes, they are only 4 mths & 22 mths! But if i don't start now... when will i ever?!

Over the next few days I am going to try (in between changing diapers and chasing after kids) to blog about some of the resources i have found... I hope you will find them helpful and inspiring as you seek to teach your children about the love of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas!


Julia Patrick said...

It's really important to teach children about tradition, especially nowadays, when the world has been materialized and there's no place for spirituality. christmas videos for kids.