24 Oct 2012

Krakow in the Fall

The fall is well underway and we are loving the colours in shop windows and the changing trees. We're hoping to talk a walk along the river in the Old Jewish section of town... the trees there are simply stunning.  Honestly it's a LOT harder to get out of the house with 2 little ones than it was with one!

We've both started Polish classes and i am enjoying getting out 2x a week without the stroller! Here is a glimpse of Krakow...


Flower shops here are amazing. They remind me of the creativity of our God, and Poles who make simply beautiful arrangements! Check out that arrangement to the right of the jack-o-lantern which has a pumpkin as a vase!

 Signs of the Past

Ah, polski! Polish is said to be the 7th hardest language in the world to learn... it has 7 cases and notoriously difficult noises to pronounce... rz... prze... skrz... Ben's favourite (or least favourite!) these days is "przycisk"... it's the word for button/something you push. One that i came across yesterday was "tablica suchościeralna" or a dry-wipe board!

I love these old signs painted on the cloth hall in the middle of the old town square. They remind me of the history of Poland and the beauty and complexity of the language of these people!

  Pretty Pastels

This is a shot of some of the buildings in the main square including part of the clock tower... love the architechture of these buildings! Aren't they pretty?

"Milk Bar"

These restaurants are classic polish from the days of communism where the government subsidized food costs. You can still get traditional polish food like perogies, soups, and crepes there for great prices! There is one near our old apartment that makes me feel like i've walked back in time 30 years! I still want to capture it with my camera!


I glimpsed down this street the other day and was mesmerized. I love the colours, textures, and the small little kiosk built into the side of this building. A Kiosk is where you can buy magazines, bus tickets, gum... and a myriad of other random items you may need 'on the go'.


sarah jo said...

Your pictures (and Krakow) are beautiful!

Krista said...

thanks sarah jo :)