2 Oct 2012

Being Back

Life is moving a little faster these days than i can keep up with. A 2 month old who doesn't sleep much at night + a 20 month old who is VERY busy all day = 1 tired mommy.  That being said we are getting settled back into our home, life and ministry back here in Poland. Here is a glimpse of what we've been up to:

1. Grandma's visit - well actually my mom flew back to Poland with me & the boys and was a HUGE help in doing so! i can't imagine flying alone with the 2 of them on the plane... she stayed for 2 weeks and we loved having her.

Grandma + Lucas in the Old Town | Krakow

 Grandma + the Boys on a Mountain Top | Wisla

Grandma + Elias | Wisla

2. A Visit from A Friend - you know those friendships that you can see God's hand in... this is one of those precious friendships. Shelley lives in Northern Poland now, but like 8 years ago we were roommates as we served on the same church plant team. God has done so much in both of our lives, including moving me to Dallas for 2 years (where Shelley's family is from!) It is amazing for me to see and hear Shelley's heart for Poland and her love for the people here and i absolutely love how real and transparent (and may i mention funny) she is! She came to visit for a few days and we loved it! Can't wait to see here again at thanksgiving!
 Shelley + Me | Krakow
3. Puppy Time - Our dear friends, the Hashes dog had puppies 2 weeks after i gave birth to Elias! It was so fun to catch up with them and play with the puppies. My favourite was watching them all jump and nip at little Lucas and how much he likes 'doggies' & 'puppies' that it didn't even phase him! 2 of them got adopted while we were there and it was such a joyous day to be apart of. We adore this family!
The Hashes + the Puppies | Katowice

Laura + Puppy Dog

Since we've been back we've also been guests at a dinner for Fala where the leadership was handed over to a national, and we were able to reconnect with many dear friends. We've gotten a flat tire, a new tire, Ben's hiked with the students, we've had friends say goodbye and others hello (for the new school year). So thankful for the many people that God has placed in our lives here... we're excited about the year ahead and what the Lord has in store!