31 Aug 2012

... a reward from Him

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3

I've been thinking a lot about this verse lately as i hold our newborn son, Elias and watch our 18 month old, Lucas.  What joy they have brought and are bringing to our lives. I am amazed at the fact that God has entrusted their souls to us, to nurture and take care of...

Psalm 127:3 states that they are a 'heritage' from God. One dictionary defines heritage as 'valued objects... that have been passed down'. When i think on the truth that our children are a reward from Him, I smile. I think back to my childhood days when every summer i would work on projects to enter in our local fair. Yes, i loved to make things. Yes, it gave me something to do. Yes, it was a creative outlet for this young soul... but when i think about what motivated me to enter 10-20 different categories per year the truth is - REWARD! I loved seeing a blue or red ribbon placed on my work... somebody valued it so much that i received a reward!

I know that it is not throught anything that we have done, but simply because God loves us and delights to give us good gifts (James1:17).  As I write this I am mindful of couples that so desperately long to have children... and it hasn't happened yet... It is amazing to watch how God meets those on that path too with depth of spirit and often the joy of adoption, or a miracle child and abundance of life on the other side of their sorrow.

In a culture and society that often tells kids they are a burden, or an inconvenience my prayer is that our sons will grow up knowing that they bring us great joy and we see them as a reward from the Lord.  We hope that they will be a blessing to many lives that we encounter along  our journey and that our joy will be multiplied!