3 Apr 2012

Easter :: Krakow Easter Market

We've been watching them set up the Krakow Easter Market in the Old Town Square for a few weeks now and are excited that it's finally open! We had the chance to visit yesterday with some dear friends of ours from Ukraine. Their little girl, Kasia/Katie/Katrussia was our flower girl when we got married and we worked together for 4 years in Poznan, where they still live.

I think i'm going to have to buy one of these classic Polish easter eggs to decorate our home... (yes, and part of me is wondering how that will actually turn out with all the moving we still have ahead of us and little ones at home!) But aren't they pretty?!

The Market runs until April 9th... and in case you're in town and interested here are some main events going on:

Easter Saturday
(April 7) @ 10:00am - The showing of Easter regional tables

Easter Monday (April 9) @ 14:00 show/performance of traditions associated with śmigus dyngus (wet monday!) among knights and Polish nobility

...for more information see www.krakow.pl


Kurt Davis said...

When there's little ones around the painted wooden eggs are the best option! Some of them can be very nice.

Crystal said...

Oh, how beautiful are all those treasures! I've heard about the Christmas markets but never the Easter one. You definitely need to stock up on a few of those things, even if they have to be in storage or on a very high shelf for a few years. Thanks for sharing!!