1 Mar 2012

Baby's First Haircut/How to Cut a Toddler's Hair

Our little guy has an ever growing head of hair and though we decided to wait until after his first birthday to cut his hair... inevitably the day came...

Honestly, i had no clue where to start but found this really helpful chart that another mom, on heavenly homemakers had drawn:

It helped me to feel like i knew what i was doing... even if i didn't ;) First I was going to try strapping him in his highchair... but that didn't work, since i couldn't reach his hair!

I ended up sitting him infront of the tv, grabbing a spray bottle full of water and a pair of scissors all the while fighting my perfectionistic tendencies to 'not mess up' and went for it. Today was haircut #2... here's what we did:

1. put on one of his favourite shows (this time it was baby einstein)
2. got a pillowcase for him to sit on to collect hair
3. got a bowl of water (spray bottle's work too)
4. got a pair of scissors
5. used my handy chart (from memory)
6. started cutting (i find that if i take of a little i can always trim more... but can't really go the other way!)

The kids show helped distract him, so that he wasn't focusing on what i was doing. A few times he notices and tried to pull away... and i'd just wait until he was focused on the show again. Afterwards i shook the pillow case out in the garbage and threw it in the laundry. It was quick and easy! Happy hair cutting :)

Do you have any hints or things that help you cut your baby's or toddler's hair?