23 Feb 2012

Why Moms Need Smartphones :: Part 1

Around the time that our first son was born, i received a kindle for Christmas. Little did i know how much it would come in handy while feeding our newborn! I spent wee hours of the night up for hours, feeding our baby and feeding my soul with This Momentary Marriage (Piper).

But when it came time for us to get new phones i wasn't convinced that I would use a smartphone. After all, i'm going to be busy being 'a mom' for the next several years of my life, right?!?! I can't tell you how glad i am that I decided to go for it and get a Galaxy S+.

After using it for several months i can't imagine life as a mom without this amazing tool that fits right in my hand! I wanted to share with you some of the ways it helps me personally organize our family and life, educate and entertain our kid(s), and stay in touch with the world in the midst of chaos & business!

Organizing Personal & Family Life
1. Baby ESP
Oh how i wish i had known about this when our first son was born!!! this baby-tracker keeps track of the last time your baby ate, was changed, slept and much more. We love how you can enter height and weight and it give you a chart tracking their growth. And as a mom with 'baby brain' it helped me to realize the obvious that i sometimes forgot (like changing his diaper after 6 hours...oops)

2. documenting memories via smartphone
It has been such a sweet tool to have to capture pictures of our little guy any-time and any-where because we always have our phones with us. We live on the other side of the world from our extended family and it has been so nice to automatically upload those photos/videos to facebook or youtube to share with our family and friends. The videos were super helpful in making this "first year" video for our son... without our smartphones i would have missed so many of these moments!

3. recipes and meal planning
I love that there are apps like Epicurious and Allrecipes that i can access for ideas for meals. To be honest i still haven't used them to their full capacity, but who needs recipe books when you can access them in the palm of your hand?!

4. having a common calendar
My husband and I love how we can both access the same calendar from our smartphones. It's easy to see what we have going on and also super easy to connect by phone, email, or texting or facebook throughout the day. Even though he spends the majority of his day outside the home with people I can easily know what we have going on and ask him to buy milk on the way home!

Are you a mom? Do you have a smartphone? .... how does it help you organize your life?
Stay tuned for my top 5 favourite android kids apps for toddlers!