26 Feb 2012

Music for Fish

Today we finally had the chance to visit the National Museum in Krakow which just happens to be right across the road from our apartment, and free to visit on Sundays!

Some of our favourite things were an amazing chess set of the Crusaders vs. the Turks cast in gold and silver and this super fun "music for fish" exhibit... where there was a beta fish swimming to this music:

We also saw some pretty amazing paintings of Poland in the Gallery of 20th Century Polish Art. These were some of our favourites... (although the digital version just doesn't do the originals justice ;)

Troje dzieci pod drogowskazem (1930)
[three kids under the road sign]
Tadeusz Makowski

Blessing of Easter Food (1897)
Włodzimierz Tetmajer

Kwiaciarki (1889)
[flower girls]
Olga Boznańska