23 Jan 2012

Toy Vacation

Since the number of our son's toys are growing and the space in our apartment isn't...
we've decided to have some of his toys take a vacation! :) What exactly does this mean?
This morning I sorted through his toys and pulled out ones that he doesn't play with much anymore... like sophie the giraffe, mr. potatoe head, the activity triangle and a bunch of other things. They went into a bag (or box) in storage and at some later date will come back, while some of his other toys go on vacation...

Right now he's to little to really understand that any are missing (my husband says he's like a goldfish!) So it works out great for all of us. He still has a great assortment of toys to play with and we get a neat looking living room!

Here are a few of the toys going on vacation:

And what our living room looks like now:

(too bad i didn't take a shot of before... but it wasn't a pretty sight!)