17 Jan 2012

Top 11

Recently i started following a new blog for moms and those who like photography.
It was there i was inspired to look back at 2011 and share my favourite photos with you!
So fun to look back at the many new adventures and blessings of this year and look forward to what God has for us in 2012...

11) This is one of the first pictures i took of Lucas when he was one day old in the hospital! Love his little puffy eyes and the colours and love radiating from the little blanket and hat my mom (aka. grandma) made us. I still remember how it made the hospital feel a little closer to home...

10) dreamland. This one was during Lucas' 9 day photoshoot (which it took us over 3 hrs to get him to sleep for!) Love the combination of his dreamy look and the fleece which he now sleeps on.

9) Pole-andia. On a road trip to visit my brother in law in Poznan (the day he arrived).
What a gorgeous country we live in!

8) A Father's Love. I love the baby blue eyes and curious innocence in this shot as well as a smiling proud father in the background.

7) This was taken not long after we moved to Krakow, in our backyard. Love the fingers in mouth and twig in hand. Says... baby... says... boy!

6) He fell asleep on my chest when we were on vacation. Luckily the camera was close enough to reach and i was able to capture this moment!

5) Zloty Jesien (Golden Fall). The essence of Polish Fall... this beautiful walkway along the river just past the castle is simply stunning in the fall!

4) My husbands favourite shot of our little guy. We love how he makes people smile... With a grin like this who can resist?!

3) The Path. During a family fall hike, my husband commented on how much the pathways looked like they were straight out of Hanzel & Gretel. This was on the hike up to Morski Oko (The Eye of the Lake) in the Tatry Mountains (Poland).

2) Feeding time is his favourite. Love the look of pure delight as cereal drips down his face. Now that he can crawl, he actually crawls over to his chair to tell us he's hungry!

1) It is such a blessing to have some family living closer to us in Poland. This beautiful backdrop to Lucas and his Uncle Marshall, is Poznan.

There you have it! I look forward to becoming better and better at capturing the life of our little guy(s)... and the story that God is writing with our lives (and theirs) here in this beautiful place.
Love from Krakow.