18 Jan 2012

the God who sees me

In my head, theologically, i know, that God is sovereign. That he controls all things, that "He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them" (Daniel 2:21)... But never before have i experienced the sovereignty of God in the detail of my life in such an obviously beautiful way.

Let me explain. Months ago we shipped our belongings from Canada to Poland. 27 boxes in total. We had agreed in our hearts if the ship sank that life would go on. Our most valuable treasures can't fit in a box. But we did ship our winter clothes. I guess that was an act of faith, maybe a little foolish... because we really didn't know when our things would arrive. We had hoped that we would see them sometime in November... but things were prolonged... We were thrilled when we heard that they had arrived in the northern port of Gdynia December 5th, and thankful that it hadn't gotten too cold here yet.

Days went by. Then weeks. And due to multiple factors including our company getting 'absorbed into another company' as well as 3 'holidays' come 2012 (6 weeks later) we still didn't have our things. We were wondering if we would ever see them, and if so how much we'd be charged in the end (at one time it looked like we would have to pay over $8000!) But thanks to the grace of God (and the intervention of our wonderful Polish pastor here in Krakow) they arrived January 11th! I remember saying that night, "bring on the snow!"

2 days later, we woke up to snow covering the ground. As i stood at the bus stop in my winter coat and boots, I stood amazed. You see this is the first time this winter that it has really, i mean really snowed!!! Literally tears came to my eyes as I thought about God's goodness, his kindness, how he intimately knows us and all of our trials. That he was the God who sees us (Genesis 16:13), and saw the circumstances of our little family... What a beautiful reminder that He who calmed the seas (Mark 4:39), is still the Almighty, All Powerful One... and He can even hold back the snow!

Here is some of the beautiful snow I captured that weekend...


Emilie said...

Wow that's amazing