23 Jan 2012

Cookie Monster 1st Birthday Party

Our son recently turned 1!!! I was excited about throwing him a themed party and saw these cute cupcakes in our local Cupcake Corner Bakery and decided Cookie Monster it would be!

I found some other pictures of great Cookie Monster Birthday parties and decided to go with the 'cookies and milk' theme (i also had veggies & dip and cold cuts/cheese to snack on). We also found this cute balloon and 1st birthday bib and ordered them early on amazon.com. One difficult thing about living in Poland is that there are not a lot of great party decorations... and the ones that I manage to find are often very expensive. Even my search for blue plates and cups turned up empty... and i decided that on my next trip back to Canada that i will most definitely 'stock up' for the next several years of children's birthday parties!

I decided to make my own graphics that said 'happy birthday lucas' and milk/mleko and cookies/ciasteczka (i made them bilingual since we had party guests who spoke both languages!). If you would like the graphic files (photoshop) email me at krista[at]benandkrista.net and i'd be happy to send them to you!

As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed the cupcake!
We also watched this fun Cookie Monster clip and a video of Lucas' first year of life!

I'm also a fan of free printables! Check out these fun kid parties:
1. Woodland Party Kit from ellinee
2. Hello Kitty Party from Shery K Designs
3. Robot Party via Hostess with the Mostess

Pinterest is also a great source of ideas!
Or you can also buy super cute printables from different graphic designers on etsy.com,
like this boy's vintage surf party or this girl's owl birthday party!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about bringing back supplies from the States when you visit. My shopping list in the states always included birthday & holiday supplies - baking supplies, paper products & decorations. We had a little stash in my storage room and the kids would go out there and look at their "party stuff" in anticipation of their party!

Your cupcakes look great. Grace is into making themed cupcakes these days, so I'll be sure to show her your cupcakes. Happy Birthday! Andrea Pitcher