7 Dec 2011

Polish :: Gingerbread House Party

This past weekend we had Ben's class over for a Gingerbread House Party! We had a great time assembling these sweet shacks, snacking and watching Christmas movies. We were excited they felt so welcome they stayed all night! For many this was their first time making a gingerbread house, because it is not a tradition in their home countries [ukraine, england, philippines, korea, sweden]. We actually ended up with a tropical hut!

Peppermint ~ Oh how we miss you!

While we missed tradition peppermints and candycanes and gumdrops, we found enough candy here to make it work! (can you believe peppermint is not a christmas flavour here in Poland??!?! one lady told me it's because at one time EVERYTHING was mint flavour, because mint is so predominant in this area of the world!) I'm thankful i can still get my Christmas fix of a White Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks though! It's not listed as a Christmas Special, but they will make it for me if i ask :)

Back to the gingerbread party. On the other hand gingerbread IS a flavour we can find here, so i was prepared to make the pieces for 4 gingerbread houses from scratch. Since there isn't a Michael's craft store around the corner we figure that was the only way. We had the dough in the fridge and were ready to produce... until we made a quick trip to ikea for a small table and behold- they were selling gingerbread houses!!!! None of the candy, just the pieces but only $3... i said i'll take 4 :) It made preparing for the party a LOT easier. And now we have a ton of gingerbread dough in the freezer to make cookies with throughout the season :) The 3 big gingerbread men below i cut by hand (using an online printout) and they were for the first place team!

Our plan was to have little Lucas judge the competition by crawling (which he is now quite efficient at) to a house and that would be our winner... well he cracked under pressure (and it was his nap time)... so we had to modify a vote, but it was still fun!