26 Dec 2011

Fun Finds: How to Get NetFlix in Europe :)

Since i happen to have a 'tech-savy' husband, Ben, our family has benefited from being able to use NetFlix in Europe (as well as shop online, and stream N. American shows online). It makes us feel a little bit more 'at home' as we live and serve here in Poland. (He would also add that it increases security and that is helpful when we use public WIFI and online banking)

Here's a 3 Step Process of How You Can Set It Up:

1. Get a VPN from StrongVPN.com This allows your computer to appear as if it is inside the US.
(all the set up info is on their website and tech support is available 24-7). Basically you have to 'turn it on' when you want to use it... not hard.

2. Order Netflix with a US based credit card]

3. turn on your VPN and enjoy!

[If you're interested let us know and we'll send you an invite!]


Greg and Erin said...

Works great doesn't it?! Did this when we were there. Thx for sharIng!