21 Oct 2011

Polish :: The Point of No Return

Today as i walked out of our apartment building i realized that we have hit the point of no return... as i exhaled into the cool fall air, fog appeared infront of me... i was glad that Lucas had a hat on, because from this point on for the next 6 months i dare not leave the house without a hat (or multiple hats) on his head.

You see child raising in Poland is a 'coorporate affair'. I have been stopped multiple times by caring grandma's (babcias) who must think i don't have a clue what i'm doing. Once Lucas was chewing on the straps in his stroller (he love straps!) and i was quickly apprehended by a well meaning babica in the market who told me "he's eating the strap", implying that I had best take notice and stop him. On yet another walk home from the market Lucas was crying because it was nap time... a friendly elderly lady started talking to him, "why are you crying? no need to cry... what's the matter little boy..." That's usually how they start... then she kindly suggested that he was crying because he was facing the street and couldn't see me, and that maybe i should turn his stroller around so he could see me instead... all a very good idea, "...but our stroller doesn't do that", i told her. Persistent in her attempts to help my crying baby she pulled the metal car seat adapter (which is about knee level for me) turned the stroller around and said see you can! Compliantly i pushed him backwards for a few minutes when Ben confused by what had just transpired told me, "you can turn him back around now!"...

One of the biggest comments of Babcia's tends to be... he is cold ~ he needs a hat...

Sometimes i'm annoyed... usually i listen, nod my head and smile. I am living in their culture and am learning that the 'village to raise a child' mentality is live and well here. There are some beautiful things about that. I love how older women notice and talk to Lucas when we're shopping... sometimes i wish i could dress lucas in this:

... but it's for a girl (bummer). and the babcia's wouldn't understand english anyways!

So from now on, the point of no return, I'll make sure he has a hat on his head! At least until next June :)


Kravtsovs said...

Oh, I feel your pain, Krista!!!

Anonymous said...

Forget people on the street - the worst ones are all the old ladies at church. They took it as their spiritual mission to let me know that my babies were cold - without hats or woolen leggings! Ken had a great response. Whenever they would tell him about our children's "coldness" he would heartily agree and then ask what they did for their children and always ended by telling them what a good Mom they must have been! All the old ladies adored Ken!

Our 4 children all seemed to survive in great health and everyone passed them around and loved on them...dire cold baby predictions and all!
Andrea PItcher

Krista said...

@andrea :) thanks for the encouragment! @lindsay we still laugh & think of you every time we see a 'bed on wheels' and see a crying baby (that someone i slightly know might come and bounce the brains out of!)