16 Aug 2011

Fun Finds :: Ziplock Bags

I love ziplock bags... they are the handiest things ever, from organizing to protecting liquids when flying to storing baby food. Ziplock bags are where it's at! When we moved here i forgot to pack a Costco size version and was contemplating asking my mom to send some... but in the back of my mind i thought i could find them here... maybe not AS good as the real deal... but ziplock none the less....

And today i found them! The brand here is Jan Niezbędny (aka. Indespensable John)!
They come in 2 types the kind with the zipper (z suwakiem) or the ziplock lines (strunowe).

Location: Jubilat (Krakow)... but if you keep your eyes open in Poland i'm sure you can find them most places they sell this brand!

Cost: 1.90CDN for 20 bags (or 9 zipper bags)