16 Aug 2011

Fun Finds :: Housewarmer Candles

Growing up, my mom was always the queen of nice, scented, smelly things... maybe because she had 2 athletic daughters who left their sweaty laundry in a pile to rot... maybe it was the stinky running shoes... anyways it was something i began to appreciate more and more as i became an adult and especially when i moved overseas and those things weren't very available...

For years i've imported 'nice smelly things' to Poland from Bath & Body foaming soaps, to Febreeze, to Housewarming candles... but the other day I found those here in Poland!!! This one was "Belgian Waffles" flavour and made in the USA! They are about 10 CDN... and totally worth it!

Location: @ Tk Maxx at Bonarka City Center (Krakow)
Cost: 10 CDN