26 Aug 2011

Family Life :: Our Top 10 - Babies 0-6mths

I've been thinking lately about how many things i've found useful with our little guy... in honour of a friend who is having a baby soon i thought i'd narrow it down to the top 10 things we've found helpful with our 0 - 6 month old baby boy... (other than what i have previously posted in Breastfeeding Mama's about things i found useful for breastfeeding)

Top 10 Baby Items for 0 - 6 Months

1. Bob Stroller - We absolutely LOVE our Bob Stroller... we did a lot of research as we knew we'd be living in missing side-walk, cobblestone roaded Poland so it was important for us to find something that had bicycle like tires and would do a good job at off-roading. It has yet to dissapoint! We love how much shade it provides when we are walking on sunny days, that it works as a jogging stroller, how well it rolls and that we got it used for almost 1/2 price! (check out Craigs List, Kijiji & Once Upon a Child)

2. Bum Genius 4.0 Diapers - Now we know that cloth diapering is not for everybody, but when calculating how much this new little guy of ours was going to cost us (and the environment) in diapers (approx 8x/day!) we decided to go the cloth diaper route. No more pins & messes... these diapers are the real deal! They are super comfy, easy to handle & hold in the mess even better than disposables. We have a great airtight container for them between washes (approx. every 3 days). Plus we'll get to use them with future kids! If you're having a baby shower, instead of asking for packs of diapers, if you have 15-18 people coming... you have 15 new cloth diapers to start out your journey! (The cost with cloth diapers is mostly upfront) Though we received a diaper grant for overseas missionaries! If you would like more info about that contact me :) {edit: confession - after 3 kids all 18 months apart, we gave in an surrendered to the world of disposable diapers. we travel too much and multiple kids in diapers got the better of us!}

3. Infantino Activity Triangle - We had huge debates over what toys to get our little guy... this thing got GREAT reviews and he absolutely loves it!

4. Mally Bib - You only need 1! For real, my sister had one of these leather bibs with her first baby and i loved the design and ease of use. They wipe off after each use and have a magnetic closure which you can use to hang right on your fridge or highchair! Ingenius! (Mally Bibs is Canadian company, but they sell on amazon.com too) {edit: ours is still going strong after 3 kids!!! seriously, the only bib you'll ever need!}

5. Boynton Board Books - Before our baby was born i didn't get what the buzz was on Boynton books... but since we started reading the "Going to Bed Book" to our guy about 2 months ago i'm hooked! He absolutely LOVES the pictures and the stories are like little rhymes which totally captivate. Our other favourites are "Horns to Toes and in Between" and "Hey! Wake Up!"

6. Graco Highchair (Bluegrass) - Graco makes fun designs and the quality of baby items in N. America is way better than we see on average here in E. Europe... so we shipped this highchair over, and SO glad we did... this will be new kitchen/eating room decor for the next several years of life... so it's a good thing i like the way it looks! I think it would be really fun if we could by a new cover if a future child is a girl... might have to look into that! {edit: with #2 & #3 we definitely used the high chair less and our fisher price portable booster more, not just to travel with but in the house as well. it took up less space.}

7. Skip Hop Deluxe Diaper Bag - When it comes to first babies and diaper bags... every woman has to ask herself the question ~ "Do i like this design for a new purse?" because literally that is what your diaper bag will become for the next several years of your life! When i first saw it at a friends house i loved the pattern, and also thought it was 'manly' enough for Mr. Ben... Turns out Skip Hop is a GREAT quality brand and the bag has tons of pockets and zippers sections to organize all your baby gear! It also comes with a pull out change pad to change your baby on the fly (meaning on park benches or in bathrooms without 'change stations' ... gotta love Europe!) Later on i also discovered that Skip Hop sells these nifty baby bowls and plates...

We got our little little guy the owl set and i was thinking that i might pick up the other sets with future kiddos! They also have these really fun matching backpacks i thought would work good once they can walk for carrying things through airports! {edit: we have the backpacks now and they love them1}

8. Gerber Graduate Bowls - These almost seem to simple to have on my top 10 list... but given our traveling lifestyle they are a life saver now that our little guy is into solid food! There were 4 in a pack and the lids fit great so that i can throw a full bowl of food into the diaper bag to feed while we're out of the house. I suppose and tupperware that seals well would work... but i like these.

9. Graco Pack 'N Play (Inman Park) - Another wonderful Graco product... this is actually our little guys bed and will be for the next few years... it has wheels which makes it easy to move around our 2 room (living room/bedroom) apartment when he's sleeping! There's of colours and patterns to choose from, and again this suits our 'life of travel' well :)

10. Miracle Blanket Swaddle - All swaddles are NOT created equal! My sister swore by this swaddle with her first and got it for us as a shower gift! Coming home from the hospital babies LOVE being swaddled and we are convinced it helps them sleep better too... This swaddle works kinda like a straight jacket and is simply amazing. Make sure you look for the "miracle blanket"... they're available on amazon.com
Honourable Mentions:

Robeez - expensive but worth it. baby shoes are cute. who can pass them up, but seriously... you only need one pair. Robeez are great, like the Mally bibs they are made of leather and highly durable. One pair 0-6mths, one pair 6-12mths and you're set...

Avent Formula Dispenser
- another great 'on the run' accessory'. You can measure formula out ahead of time and then just combine with water already in bottles. Not sure what we would do without it!

Infantino Play Mat - there are a lot of play mats out there... but lets face it your baby doesn't really care what it looks like. If it's colourful and has hanging animals, what more can a 3 month old ask for?! So since this was going to be our living room decor i chose one that i thought was cute, and appealing to the eye. Also found it for a great deal @Once Upon a Child!

Things We Haven't Used:

Jolly Jumper - unfortunately our little guy has had neck strength issues, so this isn't a good toy for him... and we bought one used which had dry rotted, so we had to have it repaired 2x = big headache! Some people love them... we haven't used it much yet.

Shoes - honestly i have like 3-5 pairs for each stage (3mth, 6mth, 9mth...) but as i mentioned earlier while they are super cute they aren't super practical... the Robeez are really all i need.

Diaper Rash Cream - stocked up big time, but we really haven't needed it at all...

Each baby & parent is different and i'm sure some of the things that we found useful may not be useful for families in different situations. What things have you found helpful for 0-6mths?


Matt and Jen said...

Our fisher price portable booster would have to be on my top ten. Camping, cottaging or visiting friends/family...not sure what we'd do without it! And we do love the jumperoo/jolly jumper...especially now that Cole is on the move:) Also the Aveeno moisturizers, especially for my ezema prone boys.

Krista said...

Nice. We're looking forward to our portable booster... it's still on it's way over ;) But will probably come in very handing in the next few years!