5 Aug 2011

Family Life :: Collision English Camp 2011


1. An instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another.
2. An instance of conflict between opposing ideas, interests, or factions.

Our family had the privilege of serving at an English Camp in the Polish mountains last week. A team from Stouffville, ON came to help a church in Rzeszow, PL share the love of Christ with young Poles. We had a lot of fun playing games in the rain, going for a hike in Zakopane and some crazy theme nights!

One privilege for me was helping to lead a discussion group in Polish and coming alongside the Polish leaders. Lucas had a great week and it was fun to see how many friends he made during the week. The campers loved playing with him, feeding him and holding him.

The theme of the week was "Collision" as we talked about how our ideas of God and the truth about him collide. Each night we looked at different people Jesus collided with, the rich young ruler, the women caught in adultery, Zaccheus the tax collector and the 2 other guys on the cross... the weekend ended with a Labyrinth, or personal journey of reflecting on God and his truth. It was powerful in the lives of many!

What a joy it was to serve the Lord as a family and see a vision of what he has for our lives here in Poland!

the youngest camper!

some great girls!

ben + me

norbert + ben

Lucas having a ball!

my new friend, Alex

hanging out with Agata

swimming in the indoor heated pool!