3 Aug 2011

Around Town in Krakow :: Stary Kleparz

We're still working on our 'weekly rountine' and figuring out how to do grocery shopping - 1 car + 1 kid here in Krakow! But this is for sure the cheapest and most unique place to buy super fresh & super yummy fruits, vegetables, and farm fresh eggs! It's called Stary Kleparz here, named after the district of town it is in. In Poznan my favourties were Rynek Łazarski and Rynek Jeżycki... so incredibly Polish!

I absolutely love this place! Full of babcia's (Polish grandmother types) either bartering for a cheaper head of damaged cauliflour, selling something from their garden to make a little change or handing out free advice on how to dress your baby! I usually buy whatever fruit or vegetable is in season along with the classic potatoes, tomatoes and eggs for the week. Last week i bought broccoli for 1.50zl = 0.50 CDN, cucumbers were also 0.34 CDN/kilo!


Crystal said...

I loved the market that Melinda shopped at in Katowice! The grandmothers selling a few flowers from their gardens and all the glorious fresh produce - at such great prices! Cucumbers are currently $5/kg and cherries at $6.57/kg here. Enjoy all the fresh goodness!