22 Jul 2011

Polish :: Spice Up Your LIfe!

Over the past week I've been brushing up on some more Polish vocabulary, namely spices!
I found a recipe for American Breakfast Sausage and am eager to try that out but it meant that i needed some new spices. In general I'm finding that if i want to improve my cook skills, i also have to expand my vocabulary!

allspice = ziela angielskie
anise = anyżek
basil = bazylia
bay leaves = liście laurowe
camomile = rumianek
carraway seed = kminek
chervil = trybulka
chicory = cykoria
chives= szczypiorek
cinnamon = cynamon
cloves = goździki
coriander = kolendra
cumin = kmin
dill = koperek
fennel = koper
fenugreek = kozieradka
garlic = czosnek
ginger = imbir
horseradish = chrzan
jasmine = jaśmin
mint = mięta
mustard = musztarda
nutmeg = gałka muszkatołowe
paprika = paprika
parsley = pietruszek
pepper = pierprz
saffron = szafran
sage = szałwia
salt = sól
savory = cząber
spice = przyprawa
tarragon = draganek

thyme = tymianek

So the answers to last week's Polish photos?
1. accidents (the picture on this sign, for some reason always amuses me!)
2. small square
3. warning! strong effect, hothouse (lit. = greenhouse, but in this case i'm sure it's refering to a dance club)
4. animal store