15 Jul 2011

Polish :: Can You Guess?

Polish is complex language. Some say it is one of the top 10 hardest languages in the world to learn, due to it's 7 case ending (if you are a native English speaker you're probably asking 'what are case endings?!?') It is full of unique sounds and let's just say interesting grammar.

And that's the task Ben has ahead of him this year, to get a grip on this language so we can communicate with people here in Poland in their heart language. In honor of Ben's 3 week intensive Polish language course i thought i'd post some Polish word pictures i've found around town and see how you do at guessing what they mean!

- you can't be a polish speaker :)
- there's no shame in guessing!
- check back next friday for the answers
- have fun!





Answers :
1. accidents (the picture on this sign, for some reason always amuses me!)
2. small square
3. warning! strong effect, hothouse (lit. = greenhouse, but in this case i'm sure it's refering to a dance club)
4. animal store