4 Jun 2011

Parade of Dragons

We have moved into our new apartment and little by little it is starting to feel like home. Ben keeps telling me, "little by little the camel goes into the pot", which is a berber saying. It reminds me of a Polish pastor who once told me, "this language is not difficult it just takes time." and of another wise man who once said, "...do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." So, there are still lots of little things that need to be done, but today we took some time off to enjoy the city and culture that we live in.

Krakow is the cultural capital of Poland and one of the only cities not destroyed in WWII. It is also home to Wawel Castle, where the kings and queens ruled for centuries. There is a legend that a dragon lived under the castle. The story is quite interesting and Lucas has a kids book in Polish explaining it... i'll have to share that another day. But today he dressed up like a little dragon to join in the festivities!